Collection: High Quaity Candle Dye

Please Note



It is best to melt the solid when the temperature is between 165F and 185F (70-80C). 

For a complete and uniform coloration, it is very important to thoroughly mix the dye into the candle wax in order to ensure that the final colour is consistent and complete.

We recommend the following dosage as a recommendation:

1 lb of paraffin wax requires 0.05 oz/lb

1 lb of Soy Wax requires 0.09 oz/lb

To make carved candles, use 0.24 oz/lb

With these dye colorants, the candle surface does not flake, ruffle or discolour over time.

If you do not achieve the colour you want you can experiment with the amount of dye.

These dye colorants do not clot.

These products are not tested on animals. They are sourced from natural sources and are gentle on the skin.

The product is imported from Ukraine and is made in Ukraine